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coronavirus update ublic touch screens to avoid coronavirus, warns experts

According to Professor Bill Kivil, a virus expert at the University of Southampton, a virus can stay on screen for several days – meaning that if it is not removed, it can be easily transmitted from person to person.

“When you think about how often you go to the bank or get a train ticket, all the tickets,” he said.

“This is a general sensory service. Corona virus can survive on the glass for at least five days if the screen is not cleaned, so it is not possible for people to wipe with disinfectants or wear gloves.

“Every public touch screen must be removed.”

An investigation by Metro in late 2018 found traces of feces on McDonald’s touch screens in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Paul Matheule, a microbiology lecturer at London Metropolitan University, said at the time: “We were all surprised by the large amount of intestinal bacteria and feces that are on the touch screen.

“They cause a type of infection that takes people to the hospital.”

Experts say that people need to wipe their cellphones at least twice a day to prevent the spread of disease.

Peter Hall, professor of public health and health systems at Waterloo University, described cellphones as “portable Peter” and said they must be regularly disinfected.

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“The cellphone screen is Peter’s portable device which accumulates bacteria and viruses,” he wrote in The Conversation.

“Antibacterial wipes are needed here because they usually also kill viruses.

“Clean your device at least twice a day, once during the day and once at dinner (or in connection with other daily routines).”

According to some researchers, a living corona virus might live up to 96 hours on a cellphone screen.

Rudra Chanappanavar, an immunologist at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, said quartz touch screen phones are very dangerous.

This is because small droplets cough and sneeze tend to stick to the cellphone screen glass more than any other surface. Source

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