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The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran khan launches Citizen Portal to help the Pakistanis. Main purpose of Mr Khan to awareness of public because our Pakistanis not know how about the technology so they write and applications and send the related departments. When departments received application than they work on it but mostly not actions on written applications and corruption rate increase.

Paperless system is very useful and effective because with the help of technology we can access all over world without wasting of time just on one click it’s a paperless system because these initiative encourage the all peoples to do and resolve problems without wasting of time just open the app and type complaint and send it.

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PM Khan Personal monitor of Citizen Portal and people relief within one week because urgent actions against the complaint through citizen portal all complaints have record no one employee say that who not received the complaint. All complaints have status solved or not therefore monitor easily and complainant also know how about the status of her complaint.

So if we can used the technology than paperless work increase just type complaint and send relevant organization. Mostly organizations of Pakistan adopted paperless system like FIA, WMS, and Ministry of Interior etc these departments work on paperless system anyone have problem against these department than download the app on app store and complaint department. you can download this app on Google play store and App Store

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