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His Indiegogo campaign was only a few days away, but he had raised more than a quarter of a million dollars, 1665% more impressive than his initial modest target of $ 15,000. While Apple Airpods Pro claims to help consumers focus on using active noise absorbers, PotentialB’s FocusBuds has a completely different technology – EEG neuro feedback.

EEG neurofeedback is not a new technology, but can cost up to $ 15,000 per week and is traditionally only available for the best athletes and leaders.

EEG neuro feedback can be seen as walking in the gym for the brain, as does lifting weights in the gym increases muscle mass. Neuro feedback EEG is a type of training that improves cognitive performance. The real innovation from FocusBuds is not the EEG neuro feedback technology itself, but rather the integration of this existing technology, which at first glance requires a large and bulky device for normal-looking ear pairs at an affordable price of only $ 249.

The launch of FocusBuds on the market can highlight the kind of technology that is really only available to the rich and powerful. Potential X has now made it accessible and accessible so that it can be accepted by mainstream audiences and the equivalent arena of play between the general public and the elite.

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The use cases of FocusBuds are unlimited. The clearest use case is for those who are seriously trying to increase their personal focus and effectiveness in moving forward in the workplace. The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the results of individual work are the result of 20% of their efforts. This 20% is usually the result when the person is most focused and “current”. Imagine how much more work you can do if you manage to double or double the amount of time – this is what Potential X wants to achieve with its latest offer.

Several large-scale studies with large research institutes in the United States, such as B. Johns Hopkins University, are currently under development for Potential X. In addition to the strong Indiegogo campaign, it was reported that Potential X was already attractive to a number of key players in various industries. From first-class human health clinics in the sports and performance industry to education where several well-known educational institutions have asked FocusBuds to improve their students’ grades and performance. Source

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