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The Glock 19 is a most beautiful and masterpiece of innovation. Why I say that it’s a masterpiece of innovation because its material. This pistol is origin by Austria and first time made in 1988 this pistol very famous to its weight and its design also its function so now we describe in detailed.

It is a semi automatic Machine gun you say that this Pistol is a assault gun this company made many models but I really like the Glock 19. This pistol made in fiber and its magazine its grip made in fiber and its upper segment like barrel chamber made in Metal and its weight just only 650 Gram yes therefore it’s a light weight 9mm pistol.

Glock 19 is famous because its beautiful hammer less design in Glock pistol all model use fire pin not hammer therefore this design is very beautiful and slick Glock 19 Capacity 15 shot but you have non-prohibited bore Glock than you use 32 short magazine also Glock 19 acceptable round of bullets.

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No doubt our Pushtoon community are really intelligent so in Pakistan mostly company made clone of Glock but the most famous company Moon Star Arm Company made Glock Very fine quality even no one can judge real or clone because its finishing owsam same like real this company manufacture this Pistol in very cheap price just Rs 35,000/- But in International market original Glock Price is 1850$ or above.

Pakistani Arms manufacturer use the latest technology and made a very fine arm and sell it in international market because in this price they produce very good and beautiful also Quality product so all it possible because adopt technology therefore technology change the way all field of life.

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