LG Electronics Slimmed-Down Refrigerators Shed Inches, Put More Weight on Food Freshness

LG Electronics Slimmed-Down Refrigerators Shed Inches, Put More Weight on Food Freshness

LG Electronics (LG) presented itslatest Slim French-Door refrigerators at InnoFestMEA2019. With sleek designs and handy features, LG’s competitive new lineup presents premium quality refrigeration solutions in space-friendly sizes. Thef irst French-Door refrigerators to be fitted with the company’s cutting-edge Linear Cooling™ and Door Cooling+™ technologies, the slim models ensure that food stays fresher for longer. With LG’s advanced Inverter Linear Compressor, which helps lower energyconsumption and comes backed by a10-year warranty, the new refrigerators are built to meet the diverse needs of discerning consumers throughout the Middle East and Africa.

The Slim French-Door refrigeratorsare just835 millimeters wide, smaller than the 850-900-millimeter width of the average fridge space allocated in most kitchens. This means LG’s French-Door fridges fit perfectly in practically any kitchen setting, regardless of scale. Additionally, the new models have a modern design –inside and outside – that is both practical and elegant. The flat-back interior of the Slim French-Door lineup exudes sophistication, adding to the refrigerators’ refined, luxurious appearance. LG’s innovative fridges are available in a variety of colors, including the newly added Matte Black finish.The Soft LED Panel Light and Square Pocket Handle add to the exclusive look and feel of these stunning new appliances. With its gentle yet bright glow, the LED lighting helps to protect users’ eyes whilst fully illuminating the contents of the refrigerator.

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LG’s industry-leading tech lets users savorfrom-the-garden freshness, preventing the loss of moisture and allowing food to retain its original color and crispness. Linear Cooling™,powered by the Inverter Linear Compressor, keeps temperature fluctuation within ±0.5 degrees Celcius.1Meanwhile,DoorCooling+™ maintains an even temperature throughout the refrigerator and cools19.7percent faster2 than a conventional cooling system. With air vents located inside the top of the fridge,DoorCooling+™ directs airflow to the door area to keep itemsstored in the door basket at their best. This featuregreatly reduces the temperature gap between the inner part of the storage compartment and the interior of the door.

Moreover, theSlim French-Doorrefrigerators use 32 percent less energy and provide the ultimate durabilitythanks to LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor. Backed by a 10-year warranty,the compressor not only makes these fridges highly energyefficient, but25 percent quieter than conventional LG models as well.3This superior performance is mainly due to the linear piston drive employed in the compressor – other refrigerators typicallyuse a less efficient reciprocating drive.

Withvarious models,including InstaView and Door-in-Door™,LG’s slim and compactfridges are engineered with consumers in mind. Delivering unrivaled convenience, LG has includedthe compact SpacePlus™ Ice System for ice whenever it’s needed, and the Folding Shelf to help create extra space for tall and bulky items. Meanwhile, the LG Smart ThinQ™ app offers a smart, effortless way for users to control their refrigerator, monitor its status, and quickly diagnose any issues.

“Our new Slim French-Door refrigeratorsare designed to meet consumers’ needs, and we are pleased to have showcased their capabilities at InnoFest Middle East and Africa,” said Song Dae-hyun, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Supremely stylish and functional, our slimmed-down modelsdeliver greater freshness and efficiency through the considered use of cutting-edge technology. LG will continue to remain true to its customer-first philosophy and provide solutions that make life better.”