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As 2019 comes into view, HMG Strategy President and CEO Hunter Muller predicts that despite recent stock market volatility, the technology industry will continue to innovate and grow, providing unprecedented opportunities for technology executives, companies, C-suites and the Board to lead, reimagine and reinvent the enterprise in core, parallel and new markets.

“I predict the technology industry will continue to prosper and grow,” said Muller, the Founder of HMG Strategy which is the world’s largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events and thought leadership to support the 360-degree needs of technology leaders. “Today, everyone is a technology consumer and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, every reliable indication points upwards.”

For instance, Muller points to multiple industry reports which continue to forecast growth in global IT spending over the next several years. For its part, IDC anticipates that $7 trillion in IT-related spending between 2019 and 2022. This dovetails with HMG Strategy’s 2019 Leadership and Technology Research Agendas.

“At HMG Strategy, our 2019 Leadership and Technology Research Agendas are designed to help CIOs and technology executives to lead, reimagine and reinvent the future-state enterprise,” said Muller. HMG Strategy’s unique 2019 Research Agenda provides high-value insights in critical areas such as:

*Dynamic CIOs Envision the Digital Roadmap for Future Business Success

*Becoming Boardroom-Ready

*Putting AI to Work

*The Customer-Centric Enterprise Takes Flight

*Cybersecurity Becomes Proactive

*Cultivating the Data-Driven Enterprise

*Embracing the Flexibility of the Cloud

*Validating Blockchain Use Cases

*Operating at the ‘Edge’

*A Quantum Leap in Business Transformation

*Augmented Reality Gets Real


Hunter Muller Predicts’ is a recent addition to the solid roster of high-value editorial products published by HMG Strategy. ‘Hunter Muller Predicts’ offers actionable advice and unparalleled insights for C-suite and senior executives in the modern enterprise. This includes Muller’s prognostication in April that Facebook’s data privacy issues were having a negative and far-reaching impact on the technology industry as a whole.   

HMG Strategy’s distinctive research model and forward-looking insights reflect the company’s Six Pillars of Trust:

*HMG Strategy’s Thought Leadership Research Agenda and Digital Research Platform provide tech executives with unparalleled peer-to-peer insights.

*HMG Strategy’s unique Media Model, providing 1 million weekly impressions, delivers fresh perspectives on the top business, leadership and customer trends.

*Research Advisory Services Embrace the ‘No Analyst’ Model, delivering peer-driven, forward-looking insights to Fortune 2000 tech executives.

*Executive Leadership Summit Series which provides unparalleled networking between top-tier technology executives and search executives.

*Delivering a Career Accelerator that inspires technology executives to lead, recruit and retain top tech talent while powering their career trajectories.

*HMG Next Ventures Partners side-by-side with leading venture capitalists, connecting members of the HMG community with leading enterprise startups.

Looking into 2019 and beyond, Muller sees several catalysts for continued technology growth. “Technology is more than just another economic sector – it’s an absolutely essential driver of the global economy,” said Muller. “Some have pointed to a slowdown in the global economy, but I predict the slowdown will be temporary. The long-term growth of the global economy has only just begun, and it’s got decades to go before it stops growing. The long-term scenario remains highly promising. Tech stocks will continue to gain value, because consumers will continue to use technology.

We’re still in the early innings of the era of technology-driven transformation and the technology vendors that HMG Strategy partners with provide technology executives with the kind of forward-looking vision that enables them to help drive innovation within their organizations,” adds Muller. “Remember, there are huge parts of the world in which tech is only beginning to gain a foothold. Think of the amount of tech we’re using today, and then imagine that amount quadrupling.”

Muller will be expanding on these and other prophetic concepts in his sixth and upcoming book, Future State 2025: An Executive Leadership Manifesto on Technologies and Companies Reshaping the Enterprise Through Continuous Innovation and Relentless Self-Disruption, which will be published by Wiley in 2019.

These topics will also be explored in-depth throughout HMG Strategy’s 2019 CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summit Series. The summits, which cut across 30+ markets in key geographies such as New York, Menlo Park, London, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Denver, Charlotte, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Greenwich, New Jersey, San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, Greenwich and Phoenix, will focus on the following theme: ‘Future State 2025 – Driving the Digital Roadmap to a Customer-Centric Enterprise‘.

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