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Huion, the professional manufacturer of handwriting input devices, brings its latest announced graphics tablets to the world famous event, Consumer Electronics Show, where visitors can get the hands-on experience of the new products and exchange their ideas about design or drawing with people who share the common hobby or career as they do.

Pen tablet Inspiroy HS611 specially developed for the contemporary youth who pursue individuality is available in three colors, which are coral red, starry blue and space gray. In addition to a collection of colors for choice and the competitive technical specifications, HS611 is the first pen tablet in the industry that is created with a media bar integrated on the top. Users can have their mind refreshed and even get inspired by the melody played as they draw on the tablet. The volume can easily be adjusted with the touch keys on the media bar, with which users can also skip songs and switch the program running on the computer.

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For those who prefer a pen display to a pen tablet, Kamvas 13, which features dual Type-C ports and also comes in three colors, can meet most requests of digital artists, especially art school students who have a limited budget for merchandise like a graphics input device. However, for professional creative workers especially interior designers, graphics tablets with a much larger panel size may do the work better and bring them more flexibility; in which case, Kamvas Pro 24 is well worth the consideration. Kamvas Pro 24, equipped with a QHD screen and 2.5K display resolution, is so far the product with the highest display resolution manufactured by Huion. Additionally, 10 press keys located on both sides of the panel can be programmed separately to realize 20 different functions. Touch bars allocated symmetrically on each side of the device are specially designed to meet the requests of both left-handed and right-handed users, which is the embodiment of Huion’s mantra, to Bear User Request in Mind, Encourage User Involvement and Fulfill Targets with User-oriented Thoughts. Source

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