How Digital Pakistan Initiative Can Affect Country’s E-commerce Sector

How Digital Pakistan Initiative Can Affect Country's E-commerce Sector

Pakistan’s government’s first-ever policy about e-commerce is about to be implemented. It will not just boost the economy of the county but it will also benefit the eCommerce sector of Pakistan. This new initiative will bring revenue and will digitize the whole concept of online shopping in Pakistan and cash on delivery. The cash on delivery payments will be replaced by online payments. This policy was introduced because of the success rate of eCommerce sales in the year 2017-2018 that was 20.7 billion to 40.3 billion PKR. This means it increased up to 93.7%. This policy is going to be doing so much good to the eCommerce sector for example:

Empowering youth

Digital Pakistan is going to empower youth and will help them move forward with their business ideas. Online shopping in Pakistan is already very popular amongst the youth of the country so this initiative will be boosted so much confidence in the young generation. They will move forward as more jobs will be created. Also, the well-known institutions will offer scholarships and will help youth to have their hold in the corporate industry.

Fast internet accessibility

With the vast change in internet users in the past year, Pakistan has moved miles forward with the largest digital audience in the world. The use of affordable android phones, growing internet connectivity, and online payment facilities have helped the country grow in the e-commerce world. 4G has made life so easy that you will not be without an internet connection at all. Which will help e-commerce to grow?

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Improving the experience of online shopping in Pakistan

Over time, the online shopping experience has improved drastically. Due to the tremendous transition in eCommerce, ecommerce giants such as Daraz, Zameen, Pakwheels, Foodpanda and even smaller ones such as Getnow, ishopping & Buyoye have learned to improvise through digital solutions. The online shopping pages have designed their websites pretty well. They have made it easy for everyone to understand and use the website easily. Ecommerce has not only improved its online engagement but has also upgraded its traffic.

Rising middle class

E-commerce has helped the middle class to rise. It has helped generate millions of new jobs which helps engage online users. Over the years Pakistan has been the prime mover in making the county’s business initiative to new heights. People who are mostly involved in online shopping in Pakistanare middle class so it is very helpful for the major population of the country to grow with the growth in the e-commerce sector.

Lastly, as we see that youth adopts technology much easier, so Pakistan is growing with the IT sector, which has boosted the economy of the country so much, that it has reached another level. Moreover, the launch of 4G services helped people to improvise and set their goals according to the new upcoming challenges of eCommerce in the country.