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Now a day mostly persons run websites and blogs so it is not easy to easily rank website and blog because huge of competition in this field famous site and blog use paid tools and find keyword easily but mostly person not purchase paid tool and her sites not ranked because no one have tool and find rank keyword but in this article we describe the free method or research key word tool and its best and free method is Google Trends you can find the best keywords ideas in this trend.

First of all if you want get keyword ranked keyword than you used Google Trends mostly people not know how to use google trends now we tell about this method first of all you go trends.google.com after that open site on your screen. Right side on your screen you see United State you click and search your country and what the country name and you belong and your target country.

After that when your select your target country than your left side 3 sides you click this side you find some options like Home, Explore, Trending Searches, Year in search & Subscriptions these options you see first you click Explore whenyou click on Explore than open a new window your screen first you go worldwide option select your target country than next option is Per 12 months than you click and find out how many old trend you find and write article like 6 month, 3 months, 30 Days, 7 Days & last 4 hour Google trends. Now next option is All Categories you select your categories like Arts & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicles, Technology, Telecom News etc all options there which one you find trends you select and search and last option is Web Search you select which trend you find like news search, Image search, Google shopping & YouTube Search. When you select all options than you search a trend which trends rank on Google you find keyword ideas

Another option is Trending Search when you click on trending search open new window in your computer screen and all trends shows who ranked in Google and Google pages you see and find out ideas that how many searches in this site and how many people’s search the site and peoples what search in Google all topic shows your window screen than you find trend

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