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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk yesterday and today turned on Twitter, deleted your account and joked that deleted your account, which was not actually done. A $ 20 million fine could not stop the release of Muscus, so Nier’s response was a little lower: automotive art might not be the same.

The problem is that Musk wrote fan illustrations about 27 million followers with only “2b” and it is of no use to artists. When someone told him that he had to let the artist go, he replied, “No.”

Musk added that “fools can understand within seconds who the artist is” and that the act of recognizing this artist “destroys the media” on Twitter. Then, he released this tweet and the original tuple with these works.

Muk’s refusal to issue a loan sparked a wave of support for Meli Magali, the French game artist and designer who created the drama.

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If not otherwise, it can be indicated by sparks that it is polite to ask permission from fan artists before publishing their work on social media. At least they must always be credited with the link, especially if they have a big track.

Musk’s position that lends art on Twitter “to destroy the media” means that he believes that true art is the art of publishing positions that will be explored more because little can be in vain. Ironically, his refusal, the artist might send a better way than Magali to recognize than an ordinary loan, but only by those who pointed a little.

The Chief Technology Officer began publishing memes to players and parts of the industry, and I did not know that he was a rocket speaker. Just last week, he met Todd Howard of Bethesda for a surprising world conversation with E3 for his car and the game he liked. I am sure he will soon return to PewDiePie on Twitter. Source

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