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There is a rapid growth of e-commerce in Pakistan. The main reason for this internet advancement is the launch of a 4G connection in the country. The online community of Pakistan has increased to 55+ million, which has automatically given a boost to e-commerce. People put their trust in online shopping when they get the option of cash on delivery. Due to this, most people feel satisfied with their purchase because they will be able to see the product before they even pay for it.

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The second most important factor is that the banking sector has also given the opportunity to make online payments without any hassle to go out. Moreover, the comfort of getting the parcel at your doorstep is completely comforting. Therefore, people have depended on online shopping stores such as Daraz, Homeshopping & Getnow even more now and the trend has increased.

Here are the factors affecting the growth of e-commerce:


Nowadays, the internet has become a very important service for everyone around the globe. Wherever you go, you will have access to an internet connection. This makes your life so easy that you can totally depend on online shopping. Due to this online shopping has become so easy and timesaving. The Internet not only makes life easy for the buyer and it has become very handy for the seller. Technology has all the advancement in the 21st century.


Online shopping was never as secure as it is now. The online brands have given the safety and confidence to buy online without any fear of losing your credit card details. Now you can even give your personal information for online shopping accounts and feel secure and safe.


The main factor of the growth of e-commerce is it offers convenience to the seller as well as the buyer. People who are buying online everything is as easy for them as everything has become one click away. You just have to grab your favorite item and fill in the cart and choose the method of payment of your own choice. The payment method is of two type’s one cash on delivery and second credit card payment.

All this is done while sitting at home without any hassle to go out and spend so much money on commute. This saves your time and energy as well. The best part of e-commerce is that you get so many discounts and offers all the time. You get to shop at half prices throughout the year.

Emerging online marketing trends show that in the coming future, in developing countries,the online market will expand even more. Due to inflation, poverty, lack of proper resources in developing countries people prefer to buy online and save their costs.

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