CES 2020: MedWand is a Star Trek Discovery

CES 2020: MedWand is a Star Trek Discovery

MedWand is what we see closest to Tricorder so far. The scanner combines a stethoscope, thermometer, electrocardiogram and others into a small handheld device. MedWand is a Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek fans don’t need to be told what Tricorder is. You will have a leader. There are many versions of science fiction films, including those that can diagnose disease and gather body information from patients. “Tri” is a reference to three functions: sensation, calculation and recording.

A few years ago, Scannadu had big ambitions to develop such a device. The company has made a name for itself with Scout, a device that can measure heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Ultimately, medical startups cannot obtain FDA approval and can no longer ensure product support. This in turn causes many problems for customers who buy the device.

Forward a few years and now we have MedWand. The Star Trek device has been around for a while, but the latest version will be demonstrated at CES 2020.

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The scanner measures the heart rate, takes an ECG, listens to the breathing rate of the lungs, measures oxygen levels in the blood, measures your temperature, listens to the stomach, looks into your nose / throat / mouth, looks at your ears and looks at your skin. That’s about 10 medical devices in a computer-sized device.

The ultimate goal is to give doctors the ability to do long-distance exams, wherever they are. The current iteration of the device allows nearly 75% of what you would get if you went to the doctor normally.

There are a number of MedWand repetitions. The highest specification is called MobileDoc. This is intended both for doctors and for the use of ships and aircraft throughout the world.

This scanner was awarded two categories at CES 2020 – technology for a better world and health and health. If all goes well, MedWand will be available in the US for $ 399 by mid 2020.

Not too long will come when you feel uncomfortable and have something similar on your computer. In this way, your doctor can check your living conditions without leaving your home. Source