A folding iPhone might not be as far-fetched as you may think. Rumors about it started years ago without bearing fruit, but they continue anyway. It looks like it might happen for real this time since a leak hit our radar yesterday. There’s a report going around town about Apple and Samsung shaking hands over a deal. Apple wants to buy folding displays from Samsung to make their alleged new foldable Iphone It seems true so far because Samsung is the one who supplies the Macbook and iPhone screens. The nature of this leak is quite vague. We don’t know if it’s about horizontal folding iPhones or clamshell flips. There’s no way to be sure. But you can be sure if Apple is making a collapsable device, Samsung will be behind its screen tech. That brand has such a mastery over this category that many other Android companies take inspiration from it.  Apple will be wise to ask the grand foldable master to help build the first book-format or flip-format iPhone. And a deal for the provision of fold-screen technology is one way to go about it. We look to rumor mill to fill the gaps left by today’s leak.  There’s no official claim, just rumors, so we have doubts of our own about its legitimacy. They say that the coming foldable iPhone is the rival of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. It flips from top to bottom with a backbone labeled iPhone. Or at least, that’s what fan-made renders depict. But without any evidence, these concepts are nothing but cheap parody.