Amazon lowered the price of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Amazon lowered the price of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch
Amazon lowered the price of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

When it comes to smart watches, there are Samsung and Apple and then everyone. However, the two companies focus on their latest models (Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4). Now it’s time to buy the previous generation models at reasonable prices. Amazon is a place where you can do good business, because Samsung Gear S3 Frontier currently sells for only $200.

This price is the lowest price of Black Friday and $ 20 cheaper than Amazon sales earlier this month. This special sale is in Frontier with Bluetooth. Manage and manage your watch with the Samsung Gear application.

We reviewed the Gear S3 Frontier version with LTE connectivity two years ago this week. However, the Bluetooth version is no different from the Mobile connection option. We underwent this test, satisfied with a simple user interface with a rotating navigation frame and a battery life of more than one day.

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The swing frame is quite easy to use after you get used to it. Turn to the left and you can adjust the Smart Clock widget to match your experience. Switch to the right to display your notification. Of course, it offers all the other features you’d expect from today’s smart watch, including fitness tracking, NFC (Samsung Pay) support, and handsfree phones.

Although thicker than most smart watches, it remains comfortable on the wrist. Another design feature that might be more pleasing to some people is more like a traditional watch, which is a smart watch. With a chronograph watch you can even forget that you all carry smart watches (the screen is fresh and colorful, the top of the smart watch is there).

And don’t worry that the hour is two years: Samsung is still updating the Gear S3 software. Even though you may not have all the bells and bells on the Galaxy Watch, it’s still a good hour, especially if the price falls below $ 200.

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