IQ Laser Vision Brings 20/20 Eyesight
IQ Laser Vision Brings 20/20 Eyesight

IQ Laser Vision Brings 20/20 Eyesight

IQ Laser Vision, an ophthalmologist leader in the heart of the up-and-coming Inland Empire east of Los Angeles, is excited to announce the arrival of ReLEx SMILE. As the latest in vision correction technology, SMILE makes freedom from glasses and contacts a reality in less than 15 minutes.

“I’m excited to offer my patients throughout the Inland Empire the latest advancement in vision correction,” said Dr. Robert T. Lin, IQ Laser Vision founder. “We want to continue helping those frustrated with the inconvenience of wearing glasses and contacts.”

IQ Laser Vision is proud to lead the entire West Coast in ReLEx SMILE procedures currently offered in City of Industry, Cupertino and now the new Riverside surgical center.

Ten other IQ Laser Vision offices are located between the Silicon Valley and the greater Los Angeles area.

Groundbreaking ReLEx® SMILE® technology
The procedure, which can be completed in less than 15 minutes is accomplished via a computer-guided laser to create a small, keyhole incision to remove a small section of the cornea. Not only is the procedure remarkably fast, it’s virtually pain free with minimal downtime.

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LASIK v. ReLEx SMILE refractive surgery
Both LASIK and SMILE are proven, consistent procedures that will leave most patients satisfied and with better eyesight. Generally speaking, SMILE is the gentler laser vision correction option and has a smaller risk of post-surgical dry eye. While LASIK is known to cause dry eye in some patients, ReLEx SMILE rarely causes chronic dry eye issues as it does not involve creating a permanent flap in the cornea.

“This less invasive laser eye surgery (SMILE) is the game changer… I was able to get back to my daily activities the next day! No one cares more about the health of your eyes than IQ.” – YELP review

Tour the new center April 23, 2019 and schedule a consultation to find out if you are eligible for the ReLEx SMILE refractive technology.

Dr. Robert T. Lin founded IQ Laser Vision in 1999. IQ Laser Vision surgeons have successfully performed more than 150,000 refractive procedures over the last 20 years. Source