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More than 12,000 students around the city received electrical and fire safety training as part of K-Electric’s month long Safety Awareness Drive.

Under the initiative, the students of 26 schools of Karachi were given safety tips in case of a fire emergency. Building evacuation and fire extinguishing demonstrations were also carried out at these schools. Students were engaged through live fire fighting demo activities, leaflets and safety posters.

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According to KE spokesperson, “We strongly believe that a culture of safety and health should be promoted at gross root level. This safety drive is an example of the same. The response from partner schools, their management as well as the teachers has been very positive. KE will continue to recognize and fulfil its responsibility towards the society.”

K-Electric has adopted an unwavering commitment to excellence in health and safety. Fire and safety awareness campaigns on general public safety are conducted annually by the utility company. Last year the utility reached out to 51 schools, impacting more than 21,000 students and school staff and encouraged them to take this message to their friends and family as well. Due to these efforts KE has won the Fire & Safety Award in 2017 for the sixth consecutive year. The power utility believes in giving back to the society and partners with major hospitals and institutes including LRBT, TCF schools, SIUT, Indus Hospital, Karwan-e-Hayat, FESF under its Social Investment Program.

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