The Razer Toaster will be the real thing

The Razer Toaster will be the real thing
The Razer Toaster will be the real thing

What started as an April fool’s joke will come true. The Razer Toaster, formerly known as Project Breadwinner, leaves the world of jokes and memes and becomes a real machine that is likely to make your toaster currently obsolete.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s Chief Executive, has given fans hope after many years the toaster hopes and asks every time for that when posted on Facebook. “I will unite my team of designers and engineers, it will take several years, but I will definitely share progress,” Tan said.

The message came shortly after the Facebook group announced that the Razer Toaster had reached more than 1 million likes – or more than 45,000 likes and 12 tattoos during this writing, with each tattoo equaling 100,000 likes. And of course, Mark Withers, the “Give us on the Razer Toaster,” Facebook manager, is among 12 people with Razer grill tattoos.

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All these preferences and tattoos don’t happen overnight. The fan-based version of the Razer Toaster was launched in September 2013 when Withers signed an agreement with Tan: he received a million likes on his side and the chief executive officer would find a way to make a toaster. It’s not clear where the tattoo with 100,000 likes to come from (maybe Tang himself), but it’s not a problem at the moment. Razer finally made toast.

I assume that this toaster has programmable RGB light, and Razer can find a way to bake bread dough. At a minimum, it must be able to bake at least four slices while changing the color to indicate the level of roasting. Source