At the International Motor Show in New York, Hyundai debuted this week with the third generation 2020 Sonata, which was equipped with the first company: Digital Key.

Although Sonata returned to the 1980s, the latest iteration for 2020 has a technology that has never been seen on any Hyundai model: digital function.

This tool uses Near Field Communication technology to turn smartphones into keys using special mobile applications. Conventional devices are not needed.

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Vehicle owners can use the application to choose which smartphone has access to the vehicle for how long. Those who do it can only control the Sonata if their cellphone is only a few inches from the vehicle. However, this application can manage multiple vehicle systems remotely (via Bluetooth), eg B. activates a panic alarm or starts the engine.

Digital keys are only available for Android devices. Therefore, it comes with a traditional set of keys.

The 2020 Sonata will be released in September and will be available from October. Source

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