Leadership of Engro Foods& FrieslandCampina meets with Minister of National Food Security

The leadership of FrieslandCampina and Engro Foodsmet with the Minister of National Food Security Sahib zada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan on Wednesday to discuss human nutrition and dairy development programfor the country’s progress.

Security Sahib zada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan on Wednesday to discuss human nutrition and dairy development programfor the country’s progress.

During the meeting, the global CEO FrieslandCampina,Hein Shumacherdiscussed the importance of human nutrition and food safety withthe Minister National Food Security. The low animal yield in Pakistan of 4-5litres of milk per cow is resulting in low income for the farmers. He offeredthat through FrieslandCampina global dairy expertise, Engro Foods can assistthrough dairy development programs for capacity building of farmers, ,particularly women dairy farmers which will result in sustainable livelihoodsas well as providing safe and healthy dairy nutrition to millions of consumers.

Women Empowerment is one of the key focus of Friesland Campina Global Dairy Development Program, for which Engro Foods was globally recognised as the company of the year 2018 at Commonwealth. Engro Foods has imparted above one million trainings to farmers since 2005 on best dairy farming practices which has infused millions of rupees in to the economy and brought sustainability to farmers at grass root level. Structured dairy development programs on best dairy farming practices can enhance the milk yield and counterthe alarming rate of malnutrition in Pakistan.

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Mr. Shumacher further added, that lack of safety of food is inextricably linked to the severity of malnutrition and stunted growth, implementation of minimum pasteurization lawin full spirit is essential in Pakistan to ensure that the milk reaching the consumers from any source is free of adulteration and safe for human consumption.

Engro Foods & FrieslandCampina are driven with the core purpose of providing better nutrition, a good living for farmers, now & for generations to come. They will extend their full support to the governmentto develop the dairy sector in Pakistan.

Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director Engro Foods said,“Women empowerment is one of the key focuses of our Global Dairy Development Program. We are committed to the cause of empowering women and dairy farmers toensure that our dairy development programs are inclusive. It will help strength en the economy of Pakistan and aid the development of dairy sector.”

Earlier this week, the leadership also met with the Prime Minister to talk about food safety and continued efforts are being made towards a more structured and effective food safety network nationwide. At this meeting Hein Schumacher, CEO FrieslandCampina was accompanied by Roel Van Neerbos, President Consumer Dairy FrieslandCampina, Ali Ahmed Khan, MD Engro Foods, Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha, Director Corporate Affairs & Agri Business and Saira Iftikhar, Senior Manager Government Affairs from Engro Foods.

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