ConnectPay a subsidiary of THK Solutions (Private) Limited (THKS), recently signed a tri-party agreement with 1LINK [Guarantee] Limited (1LINK) and Faysal Bank Limited (FBL) to digitize their payment collection methods. The collaboration allows ease of B2B & B2C payment collection through different service channels of banks.

THK Solutions is operating in the payment landscape for few years and this partnership with 1LINK & FBL will provide the opportunity for THKS to enter a new market segmentsegment market; THK will play its role as an aggregator where Faysal Bank will cover the settlement function.

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This collaboration will empower both THKS and 1LINK to jointly provide an efficient, cost effective and strong payment infrastructure. In addition, it will drive the growth of payments by promoting new, secure, and more convenient ways to pay, and thereby advancing e-payments in established and emerging markets of Pakistan.

Mr. Anwar Matin, CEO THKS after signing the agreement commented, “This strategic alignment, will make online payment transaction infrastructure accessible to all business entities and provide convenient, quick payment acceptance capabilities to any business that needs to process payments from their end customers.”

Speaking on this occasion, the CEO of 1LINK – Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, stated, “Times have changed and technology is changing rapidly. We need to stay competitive and offer the best solutions to our customers. We are proud of our success and through our collaboration with THKS, we are confident that our customers will be appreciative of the expediency that will be enabled in payment industry.”

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