Roccat’s Khan Expert headset with hi-res audio tracks certification is currently available

Roccat announced by the end of July that its Khan Expert stereo games headset was the first on earth to get hi-res sound recognition, a curious lay claim but one the business is dangling its head wear on hoping of selling a huge amount of these exact things. We haven’t experienced an opportunity to try one ourselves yet, but if you have been looking forward to the Kahn Expert, it’s available these days, coming in at $100.

So where will the qualification result from? Roccat explains to us the Japan Music Society given the badge. You are able to review certain requirements here, and the application form process here. There is certainly some small print in the bottom of the application form webpage indicating that JAS and the buyer Technology Association(CTA) are jointly promoting the hi-res audio tracks logo, however the CTA doesn’t certify products as such–CTA validated this around back July.

Hi-res qualification apart, the Kahn Expert is being sold as a “super light” headset for esports. It weighs in at 230g, “probably the lightest among video games headphones,” and uses foam earpads for comfort, metallic sliders for toughness, and 95-level rotatable hinges to support different brain sizes.

The Kahn Expert has 50mm motorists with a regularity selection of 40Hz to 40kHz. For chatting, it has a mike that is graded to get frequencies from 100Hz to 10kHz.

“The Khan Expert also includes a real-voice mic, offering the easiest voice transmitting deliverable in a video games headset. The mike of the Khan Expert can grab lower frequencies than competition in its school. This expanded range makes the real human voice audio as natural as you possibly can on a games headset, optimizing team communication like nothing you’ve seen prior, and ensuring orders and callouts are superior,” Roccat says.

You can buy the Kahn Expert direct from Roccat or at online sellers such as Amazon . com and Newegg. It really is available in dark, white, and grey color options. Reuters

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