Asus attaches a premium price to Windows blended reality headset

Hot on the recuperates of Dell declaring its Visor blended reality headset for Windows 10, Asus is currently exhibiting its own particular adaptation, joining what is to end up noticeably a to some degree swarmed field.

One thing that is diverse about what Asus set up together is the headset’s “3D Polygon” shell. It gives the headset a particular look, however obviously you won’t see it when really wearing the headset.

With that in mind, it wears a headband plan that is like the PlayStation VR. That causes it circulate the headset’s weight (400g) over the temple.

Within, it is the same as other blended reality headsets for Windows—it bars 1440×1440 pictures at each eyeball with a 90Hz revive rate. The headset likewise brandishes a couple of cameras for back to front following, which implies you don’t need to setup satellite sensors around your VR space.

Asus likewise touts “brisk drying antibacterial materials” so you don’t pass on sweat-soaked germs to the following individual who wears the headset. Great to know, in the event that one of you or one of your companions is worried about that.

As indicated by Arstechnica, Asus is valuing its headset at €449 (around $535). That is a bit steep, even with the movement controllers included (which we assume they are), however not by a mess. Dell’s headset is valued at $350 ($10 not exactly initially declared), or $450 if packaging in the movement controllers. Reuters

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