Instagram finally allows users to post Image albums in landscaping or portrait

Instagram, one of the very most popular social marketing platforms for posting videos has finally added the ability for users to create photography albums in family portrait or scenery image ratios image

The platform released the new feature via Tweets. That is a pleasant addition to the photography albums feature released in February before this season as you no longer require to crop the images right down to a rectangular format.

One thing to notice here is that you’ll need to choose one photography format and stay with it for the complete picture record, depending on whether you will want family portrait or a scenery record. You can’t have a combination and match of family portrait and scenery images in a single album.

This new operation is on Instagram starting today. It’s possible that you could be unable to put it to use right-away as the business has started out a phased move out and it might take time to attain everyone.

The brand new feature comes times after users reported down-time on the system. Users were facing problems while liking pictures on the feed or beginning other photographs. The down-time was not limited by Instagram as Facebook users also reported abou the shortcoming to login with their accounts. Reuters

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