AI Builds Banks’ Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions in 3 Steps

Banks and Credit Unions can now leverage the 3-step wizard provided by to build Google Home Actions on top of their Alexa Skills. With dozens of financial institutions on its platform, is hanging the way we interface with our banks.

Just a month ago, launched its omni-channel conversational app development platform with full support for building banks’ Alexa skill in 3 steps. This week, the company officially added its support for Google Home – enabling its clients to add support for Google Home Actions in a click of a button. NEFCU (Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union) has already done that – and is sharing its experience.

“Our first product targets financial institutions,” says CEO Chen Levkovich. “We launched just a month ago and already have dozens of financial institutions working on our platform. A great example is NEFCU (Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union) – that started with building their Alexa skill and now added their support for Google Home Action for their clients. In a simple and quick process, small and large financial institutions can now offer smart and sophisticated conversational services to their clients with minimum effort.”

Jojo Seva, CIO at NEFCU, shares that, “NEFCU strives to provide innovative ways to enhance member service at all of our delivery channels. We are excited to partner with into the new frontier of artificial intelligence.” Seva also adds that, “by leveraging the platform, we become one of the first financial institutions in the US to launch an online banking Alexa skill and Google Home Action, making us an industry leader in this technology.”

CONVERSATION.ONE is a complete omni-channel platform to develop conversational apps, that leverages machine learning (ML) algorithms to constantly improve conversational dictionaries and build an enriched, fluent and natural correspondence with any device whilst maximizing the user’s communication. The platform connects an organization’s single business logic to all conversational devices and interfaces in a single process. This process is performed in minutes. With CONVERSATION.ONE, enterprises can build their Amazon Echo skills, their Google Home app and soon also their own chat and voice-bots, as well as their FB messenger bots.

CONVERSATION.ONE offers an intuitive, visual and user-friendly dashboard, and does not require coding nor programming skills. A bank can simply log in to the platform, select their name from a list of more than 10,000 pre-integrated institutions, and opt for the devices they’d like to support. The platform offers pre-built conversational templates, including the 10 most common banking application questions, which may be tested on an interactive simulator. Click on ‘publish’ and the Skill will be live and accessible to the bank’s users.

“ provides pre-built conversations that provide customers with real time data and insights, as well as facilitates transfers between accounts,” says Levkovich. “Customers can question their checking account balance, recent transactions, the amount they spent at a specific store on a particular date, as well as request a transfer of funds from one account to another. In addition, our templates provide information on the stock-exchange and the bank’s most proximate branches and ATMs. For an even more enriching and holistic experience, CONVERSATION.ONE provides complimentary text messages with this data.”

The CONVERSATION.ONE platform provides strict security modules that allow FIs to implement and enforce their individual security standards for different conversational channels. The platform provides an SSO module and a 2-factor authentication module. Together these features bridge the gap created by conversational services.

CONVERSATION.ONE is an omni-channel platform that builds conversational apps in minutes. Starting with Alexa Skills and chatbots, to Google Home actions and intelligent assistants, CONVERSATION.ONE is a no-coding, no-programming, intuitive, visual and user-friendly platform that easily allows enterprises to build, maintain and update their conversational apps. The platform leverages machine learning (ML) algorithms to constantly improve conversational dictionaries and build an enriched, fluent and natural correspondence with any device whilst maximizing the user’s communication. Reuters

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