Enermax launches a set of full-coverage liquid coolers for Threadripper

As AMD’s Threadripper rolls into view, be prepared to see companies turn out with completely new cooling alternatives built designed for socket TR4 setups. Enermax is one of them–it just declared two new all-in-one liquid coolers for Threadripper.

The business’s new Liqtech TR4 coolers are custom-made for AMD’s socket TR4. Available with the 240mm radiator or 360mm radiator, both variations sport a huge water stop that Enermax says is with the capacity of keeping closely overclocked systems cool.

“Liqtech TR4 water coolers can deliver extremely high TDP of 500W+; this cooling down solution may easily handle a huge amount of temperature made by the overclocked CPUs,” Enermax cases. “To increase the chilling performance, Liqtech TR4 adopts the trademarked SCT design; the SCT can avoid the development of the boundary part and improves the liquid move inside the cool dish, which helps decrease the creation of hot locations.”

These coolers also feature a new pump design with a higher flow rate as high as 450 L/h, along with ruthless enthusiasts, 400mm weaved tubes, and anti-vibration plastic pads to keep things tranquil.

It’s worthy of reminding that Threadripper CPUs include an Asetek water stop adapter. Where Enermax’s coolers may have an edge is by offering full dental coverage plans of the IHS, that could lead to lessen temperatures and much more overclocking headroom. At least this is the circumstance in theory–we haven’t examined Enermax’s new coolers yet. For the time being, here’s an set up video displaying these new coolers (appears pretty straightforward).

Enermax says its Liqtech TR4 coolers will be accessible later this month. Charges will be $130 for the 240mm model, and $150 for the 360mm package. Reuters 

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