Twitter Stops Keeping track of @Usernames in Replies, Eases 140-Characte Limit

Twitter on Thursday night started moving out changes to let people load up more into tweets, subtracting from the type count names of these being replied to in articles.

The most recent software adjustment at the one-to-many messaging service happens per year after Twitter attempt to relax a 140-personality limit set anticipated to cellular phone texting constraints set up when Tweets launched in 2006.

Twitter first declared ideas to relax the limit this past year, within an attempt to generate more users and make the program much easier to use.

“Remember how exactly we informed you we were focusing on ways to enable you to expressing more with 140 heroes?” Tweets product supervisor Sasank Reddy said within an online post.

“Now, when you answer someone or an organization, those @usernames won’t count up toward your tweet’s 140 character types.”

Providing more room in tweets sometimes appears in an effort to encourage more use and showing of pictures, videos and links.

The move is part of an push by Tweets to increase its individual base and proposal, that have sputtered to the chagrin of traders.

“Our work isn’t done,” Reddy said.

“We’ll continue steadily to think about how precisely we can improve discussions and make Twitter much easier to use.”

Twitter encounters competition from Facebook and Instagram, and a pattern of individuals choosing to talk about content in training video or picture types rather than content material.

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