Facebook will test GIFs in comments because who needs words anymore?

Facebook has finally clued into everybody’s favorite means of phrase on the internet, and now will test a new feature that enables users leave GIFs in comments.

The concept is really as simple as it noises: included in the test, users will see a GIF icon when they’re commenting. Press this, and so they can choose from a selection of animated images to leave in response to a post. The feature works much the same as sharing GIFs in Facebook Messenger

“Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that folks want to be able to use them in comments, very well a Facebook spokesperson informed us in an assertion.”So we’re about to get started on testing the ability to add GIFs to feedback and we’ll share more once we can, but for now we repeat that this is merely a test. ”

The test swings off on Monday and will be obvious to a tiny percentage of users. The GIFs in feedback feature was initially reported on by TechCrunch.

GIFs have been somewhat of a pariah on Facebook.com, with the social network only recently letting users share them in good news Feed, but even then, only via links. While TechCrunch suggests, if their occurrence in comments increases traction, it could not only lead to everyone posting GIFs in responses someday soon, but also perhaps a proliferation of animated images right on the News Feed itself.

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