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TRAYGAME is rapidly growing to be a must-read source on gaming news and tips and tricks for video gamers. The site was founded by PJ Mischuk in July 2016 in the city of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Since that time, the website’s readership has grown and is still growing. Their aim is to be a heavily-shared and trafficked source for gaming news and information as well as video game reviews on triple AAA titles and indie games.

“I’m an avid video gamer myself and created the site to share news and tips with others who share a similar passion for video games,” says Mischuk. “Along with sharing industry news, we also share our honest opinions about games on the market today, giving our audience a new voice in the video gaming news industry.”

One of recent articles, “5 Tips For Mass Effect Andromeda’s Horde Mode” gives insight into strategies for effectively playing this new game that features a robust multiplayer element. Mischuk offers tips for better communication between players, knowing the build and weapon, and targeting smarter to master this game. In another article, “Microsoft Struggling Amidst Lack of Exclusives“, explores why Microsoft, although doing very well with the tech elements of their latest release, seems to be overtaken by the success of their competitors. The article also includes some latest stats by Geek Wire.

The website offers consistently fresh content that offers well-researched articles and the latest news from the gaming industry. Tips and tricks help gamers play and master the games, and Mischuk’s honest reviews offer solid opinions on what’s available in the marketplace today. To learn more about the site, read its latest news or to send Mischuk a news tip, visit

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