Mind-scanning tech could be fb’s subsequent big factor

it’s first-class called the arena’s biggest social network, however fb isn’t any stranger to hardware. It owns the Oculus digital truth platform and has dabbled in phones too, however has usually partnered with or bought a hardware employer to get its name alongside physical consumer tech.

But, it now appears that fb is ready to expose its personal gadgetry past the ‘Like’ button, with a number of hardware interests waiting inside the wings.

Consistent with enterprise Insider sources, the end result of fb’s hardware-focused building 8 group are to be proven off subsequent month at fb’s F8 conference. And the wares can be quite numerous and unexpected.

Brains, drones and greater

enterprise Insider’s supply points maximum quite simply at an augmented reality device. Building eight group lead Regina Dugan, former head of Google’s advanced tasks department, has posted on line to this impact, speaking of “hardware advances” that would permit people to connect whilst not physically in the same room – suggesting a gadget that could make it appear your pals or workmates were in the identical area as you.

There are also whispers surrounding a brain-scanning generation, at the same time as new workforce hires appear to suggest fb is once again searching at drones, possibly beyond the bounds of its Aquila internet-presenting UAV. In the end, there’s also communicate of a facebook-developed medical tool within the works, with one group being led by using a Stanford cardiologist.

With digital reality headsets like its Rift being significantly well acquired however missing a massive client market, it appears facebook is ready to increase its hobbies into spaces extra generally related to the business quarter. This year’s F8 convention can be the best insight yet into Zuckerberg’s long-term plans for facebook as a end result.