Jazz inaugurates its state-of-the-art Network Procedures Center

Consistent with its dedication to heading digital, Jazz inaugurated its state-of-the-art Network Businesses Center (NOC), that will utilize IBM and Dell EMC answers to provide optimum network quality, and unique customer experience, while also increasing overall functional performance.

The service provides 24/7×365 network monitoring across Problem Management, Real-time Performance Management, Change Management, Gain access to Management, and CUSTOMER CARE for Jazz’s predetermined and cellular businesses.

Speaking at the inauguration, Hassan Ali – Mind of NOC – Jazz, said, “By trading over a world-class NOC, our goal is to create a better and competitive group, that may provide unrivaled customer experience in the current overly busy world.”

This latest NOC is optimally were able to support rapid customer facilitation for quicker problem quality and support. That is also permitted through complete automation enabling proactive monitoring and management of end to get rid of network and services part.

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